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We make it right.

  • In 1963, Kuhn Tool & Die Co. was founded by Guy W. Kuhn with one basic rule, “Make it right.” For over 60 years we have worked with many different industries including aerospace, power generation, electronics, plastic injection molding, fertilization, furniture manufacturing, zippers, automotive, textile, medical and stamping.
  • Kuhn Tool manufactures a wide array of precision jigs, fixtures, gages, and production parts. Specializing in gages and fixtures used in the manufacturing of turbine blades and vanes. From our in-house design of tooling, through production, Kuhn’s talented team of professionals helps customers fulfill their tooling requirements – on-time and within budget constraints.
  • Kuhn Tool & Die is also the manufacturer of the Original Clearview© Radi-Angle Form Dresser.
  • With many years’ experience designing and manufacturing custom gages and fixtures, the designers and toolmakers at Kuhn Tool have helped customers increase performance and reduce operating cost.
  • Find out for yourself how Kuhn Tool & Die’s “make it right” attitude can improve your bottom line.
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